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Memories from our SPRING 2024 Education Conference in Beautiful Bend Oregon


Upcoming events

JOIN Oregon's newest ICC Chapter!

The Eastern Oregon Building Officials Association (EOBO) is proud to be the newest ICC Chapter in Oregon. OPTA encourages our members to apply and support our partner organization. Join EOBO to contribute to building a stronger, more connected community of building professionals across Oregon!

For more information please contact Kylee Ruby:

Kylee V. Ruby 
Deputy Building Official
Waso County

Phone:  541-506-2650


Nominations for Permit Technician of the year are open.

Do you know a permit technician who always goes the extra mile? Someone whose dedication, hard work, and positive attitude inspire everyone around them?

It’s time to shine a spotlight on their incredible contributions!

Deadlines and Events:

PermitTechNation's (PTN) Member of the Year: Submit your nomination by July 15th. The Member of the Year award will be presented at the PTN Annual Business Meeting October 20th during the ICC Annual Conference in Long Beach, CA. 

Click Here for more information. 

Oregon Permit Technician's Association (OPTA) Permit Technician of the Year Award: We’re gearing up for our Fall Annual Business Meeting on November 8th, where we’ll announce the winner. Stay tuned for our nomination deadline!

Why Nominate?

Celebrate Dedication: Our front-line staff are the backbone of our industry, ensuring everything runs smoothly. Let's recognize their hard work and dedication.

Boost Morale: Acknowledging the efforts of our colleagues can significantly boost morale and inspire others to excel.

Highlight Excellence: Showcasing the achievements of our top performers sets a standard of excellence for everyone to aspire to.

Things to consider: 

  • Who always has the answers and knows the ins and outs of every permit regulation?
  • Who makes even the most complicated processes seem easy with their expertise and calm demeanor?
  • Who brings a smile to your face and lifts the team’s spirit with their humor and positivity?
  • Who has gone above and beyond to ensure the success of a project or the satisfaction of a client?

Take a moment to think about those exceptional colleagues who make a difference every day. Nominate them for the Permit Technician of the Year Award and let’s give them the recognition they truly deserve!


Oregon Permit Technicians Association 

P.O. Box 634

Springfield, OR 97477


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