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ICC Chapter Links

OPTA Member Endorsed Guides, Forms and Technical Stuff 
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OPTA Job Aid: What is the maximum size of a non-habitable accessory structure that can be built without permits?

Plan Review GuideA detailed guide to help understand the ‘why’ behind some of the plan review requirements and processes.

Commercial Mechanical Plan Review Exemption: This is great if you are struggling to understand when plan review is required for commercial mechanical permits.  

Oregon Design Criteria Hub: Instructions on navigating the interactive design criteria mapping tool projects governed by the Oregon Residential Specialty Code (ORSC).

Surcharge backgrounder: If you’ve ever wondered what the 12% surcharge is for this document is for you.

Technical Bulletin on Photovoltaic pathways on detached one- and two-family dwellings and townhouses

Technical Bulletin discussing Building Fees as Dedicated Fees – Information on how to protect building monies!

Technical Bulletin on Water / Sewer Authority and Licensing --- site utility guidance, super helpful diagram on this one that you really want to have .. or even print out and provide at your counter!

2024 ICC Data Table.pdf The ICC Valuation Table is used throughout Oregon to calculate the building valuation of a new structure.  Anything submitted before April 1st will be calculated off the 2023 ICC Valuation Table and anything April 1st of after will be calculated off the 2024 ICC Valuation Table.  

State of Oregon Resources

Oregon Building Codes Division Website

BCD Local Building Department Directory

Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services.

Oregon's Land Use Planning Program Online Training:   This training provides an overview of planning principles and practices and how they relate to local government planning efforts.

Oregon Residential Specialty Code 2023 Code

Update Trainings videos


Helpful information for everyone

Oregon ePermitting Blog:  all of our announcements, enhancements, any special training on hot topics, etc.  You can search this site as well by ‘keyword’.

ePermitting Jurisdiction Hub: while still being developed/enhanced, this website is a one-stop shop for all things we estimate an agency might need or need access to, even things we don’t own or manage but know agencies are often asking for or needing!

Application form templates: however, we have these with each agencies logo and header already done and ready to use, just submit a helpdesk ticket to epermitshelp.BCD@dbbs.oregon.gov.

Specific to jurisdictions that use ePermitting

Oregon ePermitting YouTube Channel:

ePermitting App Help Hub: for help on how to use the apps we provide

Kayako Knowledgebase

Contractor website - Using Oregon ePermitting

Rob Dabrowski, APO contact – Addresses/Parcels/Owners .. for any issues with or questions about your agency property data: rob.dabrowski@dcbs.oregon.gov

Jerod Broadfoot, BCD ePermitting Training & Outreach Coordinator – our trainer and expert on the Inspector and Scheduling apps we offer; and outreach training to inspectors and Contractors:  



Oregon Permit Technicians Association 

P.O. Box 634

Springfield, OR 97477


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